Exclusive Video Interview: From’s Elizabeth Saunders Talks Theories, the Possibility of a Season 3 & More

Elizabeth SaundersTomorrow, the season finale of FROM comes to MGM Plus. In the previous episode, three members of the town, Julie (Hannah Cheramy), Randall (A.J. Simmons), and Marielle (Kaelen Ohm) were attacked by cicadas that no one else could see, and their fates were left up in the air. In the season finale, the town must come together to figure out how to “stop the melody” and what that even means, if they hope to save everyone. 

Elizabeth Saunders stars as Donna, the no-nonsense leader of Colony House, who is always trying to protect people, whether they truly deserve it or not. 

Earlier in the week, Saunders talked with SciFi Vision about her work on the show, including why she feels the character is so selfless, the possibility of Donna being a mole and other theories, the potential for season three, and more.

Watch the full interview below, and be sure to catch the season finale, tomorrow on MGM Plus.

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