Circuit Breakers Exclusive Sneak Peek: "Copycat" - 1.02 - 11/11/22

Circuit Breakers MultimediaCircuit Breakers Video Clip - My Birthday at the Fair - Premieres 11/11/22
1.02 - "Copycat"

Friday the new series Circuit Breakers premieres on Apple TV+. SciFi Vision was given an exclusive sneak peek clip from episode two, entitled, “Copycat” that you won’t see anywhere else!

About the episode:

Aspiring dancer Jesse can’t balance his priorities, so a friend builds his robotic duplicate. But things take a turn when Jesse loses control of his double.

Watch below, and be sure to catch the episode Friday on Apple TV+!

Circuit Breakers - "Copycat"- My Birthday at the Fair - Exclusive Sneak Peek

*Please do not embed this video on your site. If you link to the video, it's preferable you link directly to this page or SFV rather than the video, as it was given specifically to this site as an exclusive.*

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